The Twins, PianoFlight, May 2017, Directed by Stuart Bousel’s
 Caeneus and Poseidon, Dragon Theatre, March/April 2017 Directed by Wm. Diedrick Razo   
 Isaac's Eye By Lucas Hnath, Custom Made Theatre Co. February 2017, Director Oren Stevens    
 Shelter tells the story of young children crossing the border of Mexico in to America. Focusing on the journey of these children Shelter explores the trials and hardships many kids face each year, risking it all to live in America.   Shelter, Directed by Martin Acosta, April 2015, CalArts 
 Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice is a dark disturbing love story that explores the crisis that results when man's hunger for an object or person exceeds reasonable risk; when the human heart is blinded by its own desire.  By combining the classic Italian cinema silhouettes of the 1960s, the luxurious ornamentation of the Baroque era and inspired by the always stylish Dolce and Gabbana we created a look reflected of Shakespeare's lager than life characters and the Italian life style.  The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, CalArts March 2014, Director Mary Lou Rosato
 Things that Go Bump in the Night is a devised multimedia theater performance exploring the mythology of the night: our dreams and fears after the sun goes down. Using personal narrative, collected stories from real life, myth and fairytale Bump is a journey after dark.    Thins That Go Bump in the Night, CalArts, November 2013, Director Katy Alexander 
 Maria the Artisan is a multimedia installation and performance piece with solo storytelling and live video feed. It examines a life between cultures and identities. A yearning and curiosity of how we personally fit into society while digging up and examining roots of where we came from.   Maria the Artisan, CalArts, May 2013, Director Mash Tatarintseva